Discussion: Counterarguments

Discussion: Counterarguments. InÿM1: Assignment 2, you identified and explained the weakest or strongest argument in a set of articles. You identified the premises and conclusions, discussed whether or not an inference was warranted, and discussed matters of truth and consistency within the specified subject.Review your work inÿM1: Assignment 2ÿwhere you analyzed the sets of articles assigned to you.Using these articles, complete the following:Provide your position on the issue in the articles assigned to you.State and explain a key objection to your position on this issue.Despite the objection, develop a counterargument to defend your position. (This will likely be an ?engulf-and-devour? argument.)You may use theÿM1: Assignment 2ÿreadings as sources for evidence and facts. Be sure to do the following:Use additional references to support your arguments and provide evidence as needed.Use key language and phrases suggested in your readings.Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Write your initial response in 200?300 words. Be sure to reply to at least two of your classmates using at least 75 wPlease make sure you create a counter argument to the argument you posted in module one. Please make sure you read the lecture on how to create a counter argument.It is always important to be able to look at an issue from several different sides.ÿ The foundation of critical thinking is to look at both sides of the issues and then make a decision based on values and social considerations.ÿPlease articulate the counter argument and then let me know why you chose one side or the other.ÿ You might want to consider one of the highest values by which you make decisions.I look forward to your thoughts on how you will incorporate the various elements from the lecture. This would be the elements on how to construct a counter argument.ÿÿ Please include some detailing on the counter argument strategy of “engulf and devour.”Please let me know how you are doing this and I look forward to your work.ords per response.

Discussion: Counterarguments


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