Discussion Forum.

Discussion Forum.. i need it to be 110 words to 150 max dont use soureces or citation.The Death PenaltyWhether or not the death penalty is an appropriate method of punishment for criminals who have committed violent crimes has long been debated. The death penalty is currently legal in 32 states.The are many pros and cons as to the enforcement of the death penalty that are currently being debated. Many argue that the death penalty prevents criminals from committing violent acts because of the severe consequences that they will face. People against the death penalty argue that it is immoral to take the life of somebody.Do you think that humans should have the power to kill somebody because of a crime that they have committed? Should criminals that have murdered innocent people be able to take advantage of all the benefits given when serving life in prison? Or do you believe that life in prison is actually a greater punishment than death?For more information on the pros and cons of the death penalty, please refer to the following website. The site provides in-depth analysis for both sides of the argument.

Discussion Forum.


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