Discussion Forums for political science.

Discussion Forums for political science.. Write a brief synopsis of the political issue, then ask 2-3 discussion questions regarding the topic. Present both sides of the argument and strive to ask questions in a politically neutral manner. Include a URL address/link to a video or article providing further information.ÿExample of this that i did before is below, please do it simialr to it or follow above instruction choose any political issue other than (Marriage Equality, and gun control, and Body Rights becasue i did these topics thanks.Marriage EqualityMarriage equality has been a politically salient issue in the United States for at least the last half century, and was only finally addressed, in the context of gay couples, by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015. Although the ideal of equality is central to the debate over gay marriage, much of the periphery rhetoric includes sentiments such as ?gay marriage doesn?t hurt anyone? and ?you should be able to marry the person you love.? If you support gay marriage for these reasons, would you also support polygamy for similar reasons? The argument has been made that the United States already supports a form of polygamy, which would be multiple marriages at different times rather than at once. Most of us know individuals who have been married two and three times; some of us know people who have been married four and five times. Although this practice isn?t celebrated in our society, it is nonetheless legal and to a certain extent socially acceptable.ÿRecently, the Utah state legislature passed an expanded anti-bigamy law (check out link below for more information). Applying the same rationale to polygamist as gays, should polygamy be legalized? For the sake of discussion, we will assume polygamy would be regulated in a similar manner as today?s marriages, which means if a divorce isn?t amicable, a judge intervenes and determines child custody arrangements, monetary issues, property distribution, etc. Therefore, if an adult is in love with two individuals at once, both of who are at least 18, aware of and in agreement with the nature of the relationship, should they be allowed to get married? What is your stance on the issue and why? Be sure to keep it consistent with your position on gay marriage.

Discussion Forums for political science.


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