Discussion of Academic Ethics

Discussion of Academic Ethics. Discussion of Academic Ethics (Writing Assessment)Suppose there were no rules for conduct of ethical research and no software to detect plagiarism. Would it matter? Why or why not? Discuss Ethics are an important part in of life. Those who are not ethical in their personal conduct will not likely be ethical in their professional lives. Given the potential for unethical behavior in both personal and professional settings, it makes sense that we should have computer programs designed to check for plagiarism in order to identify and stop this type of unethical behavior within the professional world.Some people cheat on their taxes. They usually rationalize this behavior by claiming that ?everyone does it ?therefore, it is ?ok? to do. People have also been known to park handicapped zones in parking lots if they are just running into a bank, for example, to quickly deposit a check rather than park in a space further away from the door that is not marked as handicapped. While in the bank, what if someone pulls into the parking lot that needs this space? That fact that people do these things in their personal lives suggests that they will also act unethically in their professional lives as well.As we have seen, people can act unethically in both their personal and professional lives because of these tendencies, it is a good idea that plagiarism detection software exists to help catch and prevent this type of behavior in professional settings.As we have seen, plagiarized research means one is likely to be dishonest in their personal life and their work life. Software to detect these type of problems is a step toward ?rooting out? these less savory people from the workforce. We should use the technology to improve public perception of researchers and to keep people honest in lifeÿReview the rubric and make sure you understand the expectations well. You are required to demonstrate proficiency (level 3) on all five elements of the rubric.Consider the following prompt and compose your response inÿa 4 ? 6 paragraph essay with supporting examples:Prompt:ÿSuppose there were no rules for conduct of ethical research and no software to detect plagiarism.ÿ Would it matter? Why or why not? Discuss.ÿCriteria Explanation: Writing Criteria: Assesses your level of writing skills Organization = How have the ideas been structured so that the reader can understand them?Writing Style = How clear and focused is the paper?Grammar and Mechanics = How well has the paper been presented?Analysis Criteria: Assesses quality of your thinking. Analysis = How well has the writer considered the material/assignment and discussed/address it?Review the elements of the rubric carefully and make sure you understand the expectations before beginning the assignment.Review the rubric again after completing the assignment and use it as a checklist to ensure that your assignment has addressed all the necessary elements of the rubric criteria. As mentioned earlier, your goal should be to attain Proficiency (Level 3) in all elements of the writing criteria to pass this writing assessment.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.Please make sure you review the elements of the grading criteria and associated points carefully and make sure your assignment has addressed all the elements and in enough detail to merit full points.ÿ(Please follow the instructions and must be original)

Discussion of Academic Ethics


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