discussion question due 05/14/2017 10pm pacific time.

discussion question due 05/14/2017 10pm pacific time.. 500 wordsÿWatch:ÿCognitive Bias SongThis is an exercise in examining socio-centric and ethical reasoning. ÿDo the following:Reflect on your mindset and a cultural belief that is a central tenet of your life.Explore the benefits and challenges of egocentric thinking.Identify the logic used to make the claims presented in the scholarly article.Develop a logical argument with causal explanations or hypotheses, which can square egocentric thinking and cultural and religious, social or political beliefs with logic and reason.ÿ Cite your source as evidence.Be sure to adhere to theÿapa formatÿRemember that critical thinking is not just your opinion; rather, it is a claim that provides evidence that helps you prove an argument.

discussion question due 05/14/2017 10pm pacific time.


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