discussion question due 300-400 words NEEDED BY MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME

discussion question due 300-400 words NEEDED BY MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME. This week, we have studied the contemporary culture of the United States and Christianity?s interaction with and place in that culture. We have seen that Christianity is often displaced by or, more often, mixed with Moral Therapeutic Deism, which has resulted in the ?juvenilization of Christianity.?Using the course materials from weeks 1-4, in 300-400 words, evaluate and critique Moral Therapeutic Deism/Juvenilization of Christianity. How does Moral Therapeutic Deism answer the enduring question, ?What is a human being?? Why, in your opinion, does it seem that this answer appeals to many modern Americans? How does that answer differ from biblical Christianity? In what ways is it ?parasitic? to biblical Christianity?You may use any citation style you want but remain consistent throughout the post. Your initial post must be submitted by Sunday at 11:59 PM. Next week, you will respond to your professor and fellow classmates.ÿÿYour response(s) should comply with the formatting, content, and word count guidelines, along with the style manual requirements, indicated in the syllabus. Review the grading rubric provided for this discussion forum to ensure the best outcomes for your dialogue assignment.To submit your post,ÿyou can either click on the link above to directly access the Group Page or on Groups link on the side menu. When you are on the Group Page, click on the group highlighted for you. Once inside, click on theÿDiscussion Board option. Then, click on the dialogue link for that week. Click on Add Thread to create a space for your post. Click Submit to make your post available to the rest of the class. To respond to other students? threads, click on Reply button in the bottom left corner inside of a message.

discussion question due 300-400 words NEEDED BY MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME


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