Discussion Response

Discussion Response. Replies to your classmates’ initial posts should be minimum of 250 words.For this week, I chose to write about a PTSD Research proposal. During my final paper I saw there were gaps in knowledge pertaining to the use of four and five factor method for PTSD.ÿPlease see below for a brief description.1. Proposed study’s topic and focusPTSD: Comparing the use of the four and five-factor model for war veterans and violent riot witnesses in relation to external psychological, biological, and behavioral correlation among the models.2. HypothesisThe use five factor method models would be a better fit for both groups since it ÿ3. ParticipantsThe study should include at a minimum 2000 Participants between the ages of 18- 45. One thousand participants who suffered a traumatic experience due to violent and war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. All participants should be seen in either public behavioral health clinics and be willing to adhere to program policies and procedures.4. Proposed sampling methodÿThe proposed sampling method would be stratified sampling due to its simplicity and to reduce sampling error.5. Data gathering methodÿThe use of the following gathering methods would be proposed for use:o Demographic questionnaires for obtaining background information pertaining to age, gender, educational background, marital status, and religion.o The PTSD Checklist-Speci?c Stressor Version, a self-report measureo The five-factor method modelo The four-factor numbing modelo The four-factor dysphoria mode6. Method of analysisA series of tables would be used to present readers with analysis in a clear and concise manner:o Table 1 would include demographic information on the participants. This would allow readers to clearly see what the composition of the participants were and how they relate to one another.o Table two would include the different symptoms experienced by the participants and how each method measured each one of the symptoms.o Table three would illustrate how effective those measuring methods had been throughout the study.o Table Four would compare those results per model.7. Explanation of study’s contribution/s:The study would allow physicians and researchers to get further information on the benefits of using a five-factor model for war and violent crimes patients. It would also allow both researchers and physician to compare, differentiate and find a better fit for external psychological, biological, and behavioral correlations of the different models. By analyzing the models, the structure, factors, and methods, of each against the needs of the patients and the symptoms that each may exhibit, physicians would be able to provide better individualized treatment for future patients. Not only is it important to verify the efficiency of the method for the condition, but it is of extreme importance to verify what specific symptoms the method is best fitted for. By combination this research, with previous research conducted on PTSD, we will be able to better assist individuals in need and provide timely and more efficient care.

Discussion Response


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