does probotics have 50 million good bacteria

does probotics have 50 million good bacteria. scentific paperÿIntromethodsdataconcclusionÿreferenceÿ52 lines or moreÿMaterials and Methods section for write up A probiotic pill that contained 50 billion organisms was obtained.ÿ The pill shell was opened and the contents were placed into 25 mls of Nutrient broth.ÿ The broth was incubated overnight at 37C, diluted 1/562,500 and cultured at 37C on nutrient agar.ÿ The plates were incubated until colonies were well defined.ÿ The colonies were counted and the total amount of bacteria was determined.ÿ This number was compared to the manufactures? claim of live bacteria in the probiotic tablet.Use this information to get the number of bacteria in the orginal capsule.ÿ Need to use different words do not copy this section (yes you can copy the numbers)There were 6 slots counted but they were 478,956,729,740,694,556,512.ÿ If you did not get a chance to count your piece of the plate come in a bit early (or stay a bit later) and count your slice.ÿ At this time here are the numbers to use there are 7 counts.ÿ The average would get multiplies by 12 for the total number of slices on the plate.

does probotics have 50 million good bacteria


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