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Dont palig. Imagine you are interning at a local physical therapist?s office.ÿ Mrs. Smith, your supervisor, has asked you to prepare a total of three basic posters for the office.ÿ The posters will highlight the elbow and wrist joints, as well as the hand.ÿÿ In order to make your posters visually appealing and informative for patients, Mrs. Smith would like for you to incorporate pictures, tables, diagrams, or other visuals. She has asked you to be creative in the design and in the selection of visuals. ÿEach of the three posters should provide information regarding the structure, prime movers, and anatomical relationships for the elbow and wrist joint, as well as the hand. Use your course text and at least two outside resources to support your work. All sources utilized must be cited and referenced according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. ÿPlease note: In order to avoid overloading viewers with too much written information, please refrain from including long paragraphs of text. A few options for copyright free images areÿWikimedia Commonsÿandÿ123RF.ÿÿ ÿYou may choose to create your posters in GIMP, Pixlr, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or another format of your choice. Due to the assignment being graded in Waypoint, convert your poster files into a single PDF for submisstion.ÿ If you are unable to convert your poster file to a PDF document and you created it in an online program, you may provide the URL link to your work within the Waypoint comment box when submitting.ÿ Your instructor must be able to view your posters in order to provide feedback and a grade.

Dont palig


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