DQ 4

DQ 4. EG DQ $15 need this back later tonigh or tomorrow.ung Ho 610 Movie CLIP Morning Swim 1986 HDView the video and as an example of some of what is required to make a contract a contract. ÿ(CAUTION: ÿR rated for some crude language. ÿIf you think you might be offended, do not view it. ÿIt is not necessary to view it to complete this discussion question.)Pin: ÿLocate an article, news item, or other source that illustrates some aspect of what makes a contract a contract. ÿExplain how it does so.Post: ÿThinking back on the last few months, consider a time when you encountered a friend or business associate who promised or agreed to do something but did not followÿthrough. For example, did someone agree to sell you something but at the last minute changed the price? Or did someone agree to perform a service, but then later said he or she was too busy? ÿRelate the facts of your example. Then, based on the materials in the reading and lecture, explain why the facts you presented did or did not meet the legal requirements for a contract.ÿBe sure to support your responsePermalink

DQ 4


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