Due Midnight Tonight (Sunday)

Due Midnight Tonight (Sunday). Your final instructions are repeated below:Your final task is to combine each weekly project into one master Office Training Program Proposal. A suggested order follows.Develop aÿdetailedÿproposalÿfor your training program. Please include the following:Titleÿand overallÿdescriptionÿof the program (Use your material from Weeks 01-04.)Training objectivesÿ(From Week 05)Training methodsÿto be used and theÿrationaleÿfor using them (including a discussion of the principles on which the choices are based). (From Week 05)A tentativeÿlesson planÿincluding list and a brief description ofÿtraining materials.ÿ(From Week 05)Aÿtraining program evaluation plan. (This is something new for this final project step. Evaluation should be done at both theÿreactionÿandÿlearningÿlevels. (For information, see Chapter 7)

Due Midnight Tonight (Sunday)


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