Econ Paper

Econ Paper. 4 Page paper.ÿHow Markets Regulate ThemselvesFileTo know what government regulation can do you need to know how markets work without regulation.ÿ Do this reading first.Written Assignment Week 1 on How Markets Regulate ThemselvesThe extent to which markets (where buying and selling takes place) regulate themselves is poorly understood.ÿ Starting with the article by Baetjer do some research adding to his version of market regulation.ÿ Reliance on markets means no governmental involvement to protect consumers.ÿ The desire to satisfy consumers is what drives market success and forms the basis for market regulation.ÿ Baetjer talks about four industries where government regulation does not work as well as market regulation.ÿ One way to write this four page paper is to find articles that support his arguments in any or all of these four industries.ÿ Also, if you can you can add another industry where market regulation performs well and cite the references.

Econ Paper


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