Econmics. You can choose a Macroeconomics topic of your own interest. In case you are havingÿ difficulties in finding a topic, choose one from the followings:Topic #1: Government Spending and Taxation.Topic #2:ÿEconomic impact of high rates of UnemploymentTopic #3: The Economics of Social Security.Topic #4:ÿIs Inflation good for an economy?Topic #5: The Crisis of 2008: Causes and Lessons for the Future.Topic #6: Lessons from the Great Depression.Topic #7: Lessons from the Japanese Experience.Topic #8: The Federal Budget and the National Debt.Topic #9: Fiscal Cliff Guidelines for your Short Essay:The short essay lengthÿwill beÿ3-4 pages of text. The focusÿmust beÿon quality rather than quantity. Graphs and tables, references and footnotes must go to the end of the essay, andÿshould not be included in theÿ3-4 pages.The structure of the short essay is Introduction (1stÿparagraph), Economic Analysis and Conclusion (last paragraph).The introduction should be just 1-paragraph long. It should explain why the topic is relevant for you and finish explicitly with a research question. This question must be a focus question from any chapter we studied or the seven special topics mentioned above.The economic analysis section is the body of your paper. It sets the arguments to answer the research question with the latest data you found and ideas from refereed articles. You should be able to use key Macroeconomic terms to analyze the data and all information you have in the argument.We will use APA style Refereed papers are academic papers that were criticized and reviewed by experts before being published. More information can be found inÿ find the academic articles that you need for your paper (at least one), go to the following full text databases in our library: Business Source Premier (EBSCO), Emerald Management Xtra, LexisNexis Academic, ProQuest Databases and ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis. These databases are inÿ Databases have different sources or information, and you always have to combine them. Economists would say that databases are complements rather than substitutes, in other words, try more than one database.The conclusion should also be just 1-paragraph long, and it should answer the question set in the introduction. Be sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and the conclusion. You can also expand on the implications of your answer and predict something about the future.Use font Times New Roman, size 11-12 and double space.Writing Assignment Grading StandardsPointsGrammar, Punctuation, and Spelling5APA style for citations and no sign of plagiarism*5Clarity of introduction, conclusion and strong connection between introduction and conclusion15Economic analysis using economic principles10Empirical evidence that supports economic analysis10Overall quality of conclusion5Total50If any plagiarism is found in the paper, grade is automatically zero. However, it may escalate to a more severe penalization. All about dishonesty and penalizations are in the General Catalog 2011, page 55.



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