Economics Discussion Assignment (Japan & Canada)

Economics Discussion Assignment (Japan & Canada). Discussion AssignmentEach Discussion Assignment will need to be completed with a Main Post and two (2) Follow Up posts.After you read, listen, or watch the assigned material (ATTACHED), you will create a Main post that consists of your own personal Economic Analysis of the material. This should be written in the third person view and must include in-text citations for any claims, assertions, or facts that you include in your post. An in-text citation should be done in MLA format.How to Cite Sources (Purdue Online Writing Lab) :ÿÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿ(Note: you do not need to format yourÿwriting in MLA format. I am only asking for citations in the MLA format)Third Person View, OWL Page on Style, Genre & Writing :ÿÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿ(Note: you can writeÿyour discussion in many different forms, as long as youÿprovide analysis, prove that you completed the material, and show that you understand the material)You must be careful to not espouse your opinion and do not just recap or summarize the material. Opinion is for Starbucks and does not belong in the classroom. We are here to use economics to learn about how economists view the world and to use critical thinking to discuss a particular topic for the week.ÿYour first post should be a critical economic analysis of the material for the week. Use the economics you have learned in the class to complete a first main post. Your first main post should be about 250 to 500 words.ÿAfter you complete a first main post, then you will need to respond to 2 other students with a follow up post of about 150 to 250 words (ATTACHED). This is a total of 3 posts. Main post (500 words or so) and 2 follow up posts (150 to 250 words each).ÿPlease make sure to refer to the Discussion Rubric, this is how you will be graded for the assignment.

Economics Discussion Assignment (Japan & Canada)


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