Education Final Project

Education Final Project. Final Project Assignment DirectionsFinal Project DirectionsThis project must be turned in if you plan to receive an ?A? for this CG1 College Success course. It must be completed and turned in on time to pass this class. The FP serves as the final exam.ÿRequired Elements: Quotes and reference page numbers from the text or PPT slides attached and personal thought for each question!You can earn up to 100 points!THE PROJECT:ÿÿWrite at least a two page paper about your experiences during this class.ÿ Save your document in your word processor. Copy/paste this into the text box body of the Learning Module or attach your file. Submit this document to your instructor.ÿ Make sure your name is on your paper!Criteria for your Final Project:ÿBe sure to include the following:1.ÿDiscuss your reasons for attending college.2. How do you plan to manage your time?3. Discuss your learning style and how you will use this information.4. How will you assess your Emotional Intelligence?5. Which study skills learned in class will you utilize in your future classes?6. Are you transferring to a four-year university? Why or why not? What steps will/would you take? Be specific.7. What major are you considering? Why?8. What career are you considering? Why?9. How do you plan to manage stress?10. How you plan to budget your money?Optional:ÿAnswer these additional questions. Not included in your earned points.What was theÿmostÿimportant thing you learned in this class?What was theÿleastÿimportant thing you learned in this class?SEE THE GRADING RUBRIC ATTACHEDThis document shows you how your paper will be graded.

Education Final Project


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