Employee Assessment Case Study

Employee Assessment Case Study. During a global career succession assessment of leadership talent pipeline, a candidate was asked to complete a personality/behavioral tendency profile.ÿ The candidate asked to speak to the program administrator about the validity of the assessment.ÿ The assessment is based on first responses toÿ several sets of word values.ÿ The instructions were to respond with first instinct to the set of words listed in several different categories.ÿ The candidate stated that some of the words could have different interpretations based on values, beliefs, and cultural origin.ÿ Therefore, the validity of the assessment could be biased in terms of results/outcomes. The program administrator removed the weighting of the assessment (not part of the overall assessment scoring) to be used for informational and team building purposes only.Useÿthe above information to answer the following in 700 to 1,050 words:Analyze whether the candidate has a valid discrimination concern about the assessment.Determine what EEOC laws could potentially be at risk of violation.Evaluate how the assessment could be altered so that it could still be used for the program.Formatÿyour paper consistent with APA guidelines. All college level assignments require three to five references. Only references cited within the body of the assignment can be included in the references. As in all assignments, please write in third person.

Employee Assessment Case Study


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