ENGL2311: Assignment 4 for nyanya

ENGL2311: Assignment 4 for nyanya. Revise the lengthy document shown in the OSHA Flood Cleanup.pdf below into much more concise documents suitable for a 3″x5″ card for easy referenceFor the reference card, concise enough to fit on a 3×5 card, yet provide the essential information first responders would need. Note: First responders are generally described as persons who can provide some medical assistance though most do not have the training of a nurse or an EMT. They may be police or fire or public works personnel. However, depending on the extent of the flooding, responders also may be volunteers who have limited knowledge about precautions and symptoms.ÿHints:1) Must be at least two card pages which is one cardÿfront and back 2) Font size 9 is the readable font you could use.3) Subtle background color, such as white or light colors and no dark colors.4) Learn to manipulate the MS Word to produceÿa 3 x 5 card, and learn to use the MS Paint.5) Short and sentences, you must use verbs on some of the beginning sentences.

ENGL2311: Assignment 4 for nyanya


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