essay English Critical Thinking class.

essay English Critical Thinking class.. InstructionsÿFind a current event related to a social issue of your choosing (no older than a few months) that was widely covered by the media (USA news).ÿFoundation for Critical Thinking. (2011).ÿDistinguishing between inert information, activated ignorance, activated knowledge.ÿRetrieved fromÿ two different news articles from two different media sources.ÿ Write an essay comparing and contrasting your two sources.Clearly identify the author, title of article, name of publication. Take notice of the type of article: local, national or international news story, editorial, or column, etc.Identify the main claim and supporting reasons or premises of your article.Analyze the logic of the article according to the critical analysis tools we have been studying throughout the course, including identifying fallacies and rhetorical devices. Try looking deeper into the news coverage to discern the significant information that is omitted, and if the evidence is viable.ÿ Discern the logic of the arguments in each specific news article.ÿ Be alert to discern if there are rival causes and if the evidence is deceptive.ÿ Consider what significant information is omitted or if other reasonable conclusions are possible.Sources and Citation: In addition to the two news articles, find and cite two scholarly sources to back up the claims and conclusions of your analyses. Remember to include all sources used, including the newspaper articles, in an APA-formatted reference page.Your paper, including citations and references, should be 5 pages in length, well written, and formatted according to the apa format.Your instructor has provided the following topics for consideration but these topics need to be narrowed:– health–climate change–U.S. foreign policy–United Nations–undocumented workers–unions and minimum wage

essay English Critical Thinking class.


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