Essay. The answers in the parenthesis are my brief answers to give better understanding of my mind set. Also, I will attached grant paper that will help you give clear understanding of what am writing on.Your essay should cover the questions below. Your essay should have an introduction, body and summary, and summary should cover what you?ve already discuss in your introduction and body. The essay should be well organized and demonstrate proper grammar and spelling. (By Instructor)What did you hope to gain from choosing the grant you chose? 9points (To have better understanding about HIV and to understand feeling of HIV positive patients).Would you choose the same grant again, why / why not? 6points (Too many data to collect from too many source to enable write a fascial grant and too many numerical numbers and dates that must correspond).What are three most significant items you learned while in this class? At least one of them be about technical writing. 9points (Have learned how to write grant paper now, have learned how write without emotion which is the technical writing going straight the point, not letting the reader trying to figure out what you write or what you mean by that)What would be your recommendations to future students who take HLTH 200? 6points (Be ready write and the writing technic skills you?re going to learn will help you in order classes and your field of study)



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