Ethics Presentation /*ONLY, tutor michelle

Ethics Presentation /*ONLY, tutor michelle. Ethics Presentation *ALL 8 BULLETS POINTS MUST BE ADDRESSED IN POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. ÿNO PLAGIARISM, (All PLAGIARISM WILL REQUIRE REFUND).ÿCreate a 13- to 15-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation in which you address the following:What role does ethics play in creating and guiding policy in the criminal justice system?What role does ethics play in the enforcement of laws?How does ethical enforcement relate to the role of investigating and combating terrorism?Is torture ethical in terrorism investigations? What if it saves hundreds of lives?How will ethics play into the future of law enforcement and related decision making?Should there be mandatory ethics courses? Why or why not? If so, how often should they be attended?Are there any police departments currently requiring mandatory ethics training on an annual basis? If so, what departments?What was one of the key points made during your collaborative group discussion this week?ÿCollaborative Activity: Waterboarding DiscussionÿDiscuss the pros and cons of waterboarding with your collaborative group.On the pro side: What if it saves hundreds of lives by exposing a large scale terrorist attack about to occur?On the con side: What if it causes false confessions or questionable information?Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Ethics Presentation /*ONLY, tutor michelle


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