Evaluation paper

Evaluation paper. The evaluation paper must be about making competative choices between two options. The paper should be APA format, no less than two full pages, not including referrences.ÿYou need at least two sources, one on each option.ÿ You may use generic sources such a Wikipedia or you may get a bonus for using extra sources.ÿ You can?t do both.Teacher suggest a structure for the evalutation paper something like this:1)ÿ Introduction to the paper2)ÿ Brief discussion of Option One3)ÿ Brief discussion of Option Two4)ÿ Criteria?this may also include what was not important to your decision, how you will weigh the crieteria, and why they are important to you.5)ÿ Evaluating options based on your first criteria6)ÿ Evaluating options based on your second criteria7)ÿ Evaluating options based on your third criteria8)ÿ Selection and implications as you review9)ÿ References

Evaluation paper


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