External Business Blog

External Business Blog. Writing Assignment #2: External Business BlogDirections: After reading chapter 4 in Kolin (2017), you will see that there are two types of business blogs: internal and external.ÿ For this assignment, you will be creating an external business blog.ÿ Blogging is has become a popular public relations tool that allows companies to share information with key stakeholders and customers.ÿ Imagine that you are a Public Relations specialist for your chosen company from the first writing assignment?s letter of application.ÿ Choose a blog topic that could affect the company you have chosen.ÿ Your topic may highlight a company achievement, introduce a new product or service, or notify customers of a discontinued service or product.ÿ Your blog should be one single spaced page in length.ÿ You may insert a banner no taller than 1 inch across the top of your blog page.ÿ You may use only one picture as a visual aid; however, it should not be more than 1.75? x 1.75? in size.ÿ All media images, and text created by others must be accurately cited according to APA 6th edition. You are not required to activate links within the blog for this assignment.ÿ (See pp. 130 and 134 of Kolin text for examples of external blogs.)Submitting Your Assignment:ÿ This document should be submitted under Writing Assignment 2 in the Assignments tab.

External Business Blog


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