“Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning”

“Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning”. “Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning”ÿÿPlease respond to the following:There are several types of fallacies?equivocation, false authority,ÿadÿhominem, appeal to ignorance, false cause (post hoc ergoÿpropterÿhoc), bandwagon, or slippery slope.ÿPlease provide two (2) different examples of advertising that show any of the above topics. Which of the above fallacies is used in each advertisement? Why do you think the advertisers used that fallacy in the ad? Did the advertisers use the fallacy effectively? If you were an advertiser, what would you have done differently to better use the fallacy?

“Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning”


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