Family in Later Life Timeline

Family in Later Life Timeline. Society shapes life stages and individual experiences of aging. Americans place high value on a sense of individual achievement and responsibility, and so it is often difficult for us to embrace the notion that our destinies are not completely the product of our individual actions and choices. In our society it is very popular to focus on individual attitudes, the power of positive thinking, and individual responsibility. Is it really so simple? Is personal attitude all that matters? Or are there related social forces that do have an impact on whether we can find a job and how young we can possibly feel?Based on research and personal experiences, for your initial discussion post address the following:To what extent do you as a human service and public service leader feel constrained by age norms and life course expectations? How aware are you and your friends of your expectations?Do you think that the stages of human development in the family in later life are possible to achieve only when we are old? Why or why not?How does our society use age? Why does chronological age make any difference whatsoever in our lives?Support your discussion with references to the current literature in the field.

Family in Later Life Timeline


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