Fan Plan

Fan Plan. For this week, you are to articulate a plan for fan involvement at your specific sport’s intercollegiate contests. This is essentially a spectator marketing plan. In other words, how will you promote your team and contests (home events, tournaments, big rivalries, etc.) to your various fan groups (i.e., on-campus students, commuter students, community fans, potential recruits/high schools, staff & faculty, alumni, etc.) through various methods (social media, on-campus posters, outside radio/tv adds, website, etc.). Consider fan promotions you would like to include (e.g., coach for a day, poster schedule signings, giveaways, meet-and-greets, mid-match/game contests, etc.). Also address any other type of engagement activities you might plan (e.g., charity events, off-season outings, off-season practice events, alumni scrimmage/event, etc.).I am intentionally leaving this relatively open for your consideration.ÿ However, I would expect it to takeÿroughly 2-4 pages, and I would expect the following sections as headers:Marketing to Specific Stakeholders (wherein you address the various fan groups and activities/plans aimed at them)In-Season Programs and PromotionsOff-Season Programs and Promotions.I should see those 3 headers at a minimum.ÿ You are free to add others as you wish. Just keep in mind that this is the marketing you want to do to attract fans to your contest and it’s how you go about building a loyal fan base through multiple methods of engagement. Similar to the leadership paper, this is essentially your vision for this.ÿ So if you are doing a program you currently assist for, etc., you do NOT need to give me what THEY currently do.ÿ Give me what you would want your program, as a head coach, to be doing.

Fan Plan


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