Film. BONUS ASSIGNMENT: FILMFEST!TASK: WRITE UP TO 2 FILM REACTIONS (worth 10 points each)Submit on Eagle Online. Check syllabus for due date.You will earn 10 points per documentary where you write at least one page (double-spaced) onyour reflections on the film, preferably including themes related to what we covered in class.You do not need any citations or a bibliography.This is not to be a summary of the movie only. Summaries only = half-credit.ÿThe write-upsmust include a fewÿspecificÿexamples from different parts of the movie (outside of themovie previews).Most of these films were shown on various college campuses where I attended or instructed, aspart of a campus-wide initiative to spread awareness of environmental, cultural, political, andeconomic issues. The ones that related most to this course are included in the following list.Most if not all can be found on I-Tunes or Netflix (streaming or at least on DVD). Thecountry/region in parentheses is where the film takes place.*Be aware that some films may contain language/scenes not appropriate for children to view.*Before the FloodMission BlueAn Inconvenient TruthUp the YangtzeCrude: The Real Price of OilVillage at the End of the WorldGaslandThe Island PresidentA City DarkChasing IceFlow: For Love of WaterClimate Refugees



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