Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis. Assignment 1: Differences between Contribution and Traditional Income Statements; Company SegmentsGeneral Questions:Respond to the following questions thoroughly, in 150-300 words for each question.ÿ Use your textbook as your first and major reference.What is the difference between a contribution income statement and a traditional income statement?ÿ Under what circumstances would a firm use each?What is a company segment?ÿ Why would a firm want to divide itself into operating segments?ÿ Why would a firm want to measure profits by segment?ÿ How would common costs be allocated to each of a company?s segments?Deliverables:Answer the General Questions and post your responses to theÿDiscussion AreaÿbyÿSaturday, May 13, 2017.ÿBe sure to explain your answers thoroughly, use specific examples, and cite your sources.Participate in the discussions, responding to at least two other responses.

Financial Statement Analysis


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