FOR APLUS WRITER ONLY !. Please put all three assignments on serpate word documentsÿDiscussion oneÿVisit theÿQuality Check pageÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿ of The Joint Commission website, enterÿMount Sinai,ÿOne Gustave L. Levy PlaceÿNew York,ÿNYÿ, the second one is New york presbyterian brooklyn methodist,ÿ506 Sixth Street ,Brooklyn, NY 11215ÿand select search. Take the following steps to find two health care organizations:Under the column organization name or number, type the healthcare organization name and state (e.g., Hospital ? Hurley Medical Center, Michigan).Once the chosen organization appears, click the View Accreditation Quality Report link. Once the summary of the report appears, click on the Accreditation National Safety goals link in the left navigation bar. You will be able to view the patient safety goals that were measured for the organization as it is compared to the national average. You will be able to view information that is more specific by clicking the See Detail link for each patient safety goal measured.Identify two health care organizations that show a need for improvement in one specific area. Note that you may find a hospital that has achieved a high score. However, there is always room for improvement.After reviewing your findings, state the National Safety Goals and National Quality Improvement Goals where the facilities needed to improve. Compare and contrast the differences between the two facilities. In addition, list two recommendations that you feel would improve that particular area.Discussion TwoÿAfter reading Chapters 3 and 4, you should be familiar with the many stakeholders involved in the health care system. In the early 70?s legislation was created for the establishment of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in an attempt to reduce health care costs due to the excessive spending of the fee-for-service health plans. Considering the reason for their creation, discuss your opinion regarding why managed care organizations did or did not have the intended effect. List two examples that prove your point.Your initial post should be 250-300 words and utilize at least one scholarly source from the Ashford UniversityÿUse this as one of the sourcesÿÿThere is a templete attached please use it for this assignmentÿMost people have experienced frustration when talking with customer service at least once. Often, organizations provide satisfaction surveys to customers in order to evaluate their experience. In the health care field, accrediting agencies require providers to measure patient satisfaction through surveys. You will be using theÿCustomer Satisfaction Improvement Plan templateÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿdocument to enter all of your information. Note: If you have responded substantively to each of the content items within the template of the assignment, the template document should be between three and four pages.Choose one of the customer experience scenario options below:Customer contacted a Health Plan Customer Service department but could not understand the representative.Customer scheduled an appointment with a primary care physician for an acute illness and there were no appointments available.Customer had an appointment for lab testing or a diagnostic test (MRI, CT scan, etc.) and the facility environment was disorderly and unclean.Customer visited the Emergency Department (ED), also known as Emergency Room, but the wait time was extensive (over three hours).Customer?s car repairs estimate was $200.00, however, the actual bill was $900.00 when repairs were completed.Customer contacted a cable company to have an installation of internet and cable for their home. Installer arrived and did not know how to do internet installations.Respond to the questions listed in theÿCustomer Satisfaction Improvement Plan templateÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿdocument. Once you have responded to all of the questions in the template, your document should be between three and four pages.ÿDescribe the patient satisfaction scenario chosen. Include enough detail on what occurred to ensure the reader has a full understanding of what occurred.Describe a minimum of three data elements you would gather to fully assess the situation and assist you with improving the customer satisfaction scenario you chose.Outline the CQI methods you would utilize to develop your improvement plan. Then, explain your plan for improvement. Provide a statement from a scholarly source that supports your plan.Identify three stakeholders on your team and discuss how the communication method differs for each (e.g., physician, administration/management, and health care staff). Include information on the barriers that may be encountered in communicating effectively within the team and when implementing the plan.Analyze how cost and quality are linked based on your chosen scenario. Include information on the potential impact to the organization if the issue is not resolved.Describe how you will be evaluating the success or failure of the plan. Discuss the process. Provide a minimum of one statement from a scholarly source that supports your evaluation plan.



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