For Daisy Arabella only

For Daisy Arabella only. $20.00ÿBe sure to use vocabulary that is relevant to the topic. Also be sure to cite your work appropriately whenever possible. You should follow the most recent APA guidelines when citing your work.DQ1:In your lectures this week, beginning of life, fundamental rights, and Roe vs. Wade provided a perspective of ethical issues. Whether a legal right or a law, the ethical issues surrounding the beginning of life are complex, emotional, and potentially costly.Regardless of your position on abortion, describe the ethical factors involved with the beginning of life debate; please be sure to research and consider both sides of the issues. Also, include who your credible sources believe the primary patient to be and what factors need to be considered surrounding quality of life for the unborn and risks to the mother.DQ2:Please thoroughly research and then consider the role of hospice and palliative medicine at the end-of-life. Research the costs of end-of-life care in our country, as well. Discuss whether or not your credible sources believe extraordinary care should continue when efforts will be futile and why they feel this way; your opinions are not required but are welcomed.Then, research your states? Advance Directive laws. Describe the law in your words and describe the functions of the forms. Do the forms contain information on power of attorney? Do the forms contain information on a living will? Is it law in your state that hospitals ask patients if they have a Living Will and provide education if not?

For Daisy Arabella only


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