FOR KIMS WOODS ONLY. Assignment 2: Influencing Leaders toward Organizational ChangeIn this assignment, you will be visualizing a work scenario in which you have met with resistance from leadership and other stakeholders on facilitating change in an organization you were hired to assist. You must create and present a plan to move leaders and other stakeholders toward change.In this assignment, you will suggest interventions to help integrate various leaders and other stakeholders into the change process. Organizations have various groups of stakeholders; these include:Top executive managementMiddle managementNonmanagement (e.g., faculty, other professionals, salespersons, assemblers, or clerical staff)External partners or associates (e.g., wholesalers or retailers)Consumers (e.g., students, patients, or vendors)For your selected personal scenario, consider each of these stakeholder groups within the larger organizational culture and respond to the following:Identify and describe some special considerations, characteristics, or functions of those in each group that could affect (support or impede) this group’s role in and reaction to organization-related change.Recommend interventions to address the considerations and help support the change process for this group. Support your suggestions using scholarly resources.Suggest interventions you would use to help integrate the various stakeholders and cultures into the general change process. Describe and justify.Develop a 4- to 6-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, utilizing a minimum of three scholarly sources. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.



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