for michelle lewis only

for michelle lewis only. 1. View the following Week 2 VideosKhan Academy’s “Vertical Asymptote of Natural Log”Khan Academy’s “Visually Determining Vertical Asymptotes”What is aÿvertical asymptote?ÿ How can you determine if a function has a vertical asymptote? word count 60 can use exampleÿif want to2. Is it possible to use the methods for solving a system of linear equations to solve a system of nonlinear equations? Explain your answer.word count 60 can use example if you want to3. Why is it necessary to account for the order of a matrix when adding or subtracting matrices? word count 60 can use exampleÿif want too4. Given any sequence, how can you determine if it is an arithmetic sequence? word count 605. How can you determine if you need to use a combination or permutation to count the number of outcomes? Which will usually have more outcomes? Why? word count 60

for michelle lewis only


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