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for nyamaimule. Creating a personal portfolio is essential to strategically planning your future. As you are nearing the completion of your graduate degree, it is essential that you reflect on all of the areas that you have learned to strengthen your personal portfolio. How can you express this to potential employers effectively? How can you effectively demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained over the course of your MBA or MSEM degree program? Your week 7 assignment is to develop a personal portfolio, which includes your qualifications and knowledge that you have learned while at University. First, find your dream job online usingÿ, LinkedIn or Facebook. Copy the job description and submit a word document which includes a cover letter, your resume and the job description. Create the cover letter and resume as if you are applying for the position. Include two forms of work, which display or describe aptitude and knowledge from previous courses within your graduate program. ** You need not include all previous courses, just two samples, which you would like to highlight.* As you progress towards your goal of achieving your degree, it is important to consider how you are marketing your talent. This is the only assignment in this course that does not require you to use APA formatting.

for nyamaimule


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