For Perfecto only G5

For Perfecto only G5. Developing Nation Problem-SolutionWithin Unit VII, you are going to submit a Problem/Solution Research Paper that analyzes a social issue beingfaced by a particular periphery or semi-periphery nation. You will begin your research paper project in this unit.You will submit an essay which will act as a beginning draft for your Unit VII Research Paper. This Unit V essayassignment will not be submitted through SafeAssign since this is a draft assignment. You will be permitted tocopy and paste material from this essay directly into your Unit VII paper.Before starting the Unit V essay assignment:1. Read the requirements for the Unit VII problem-solution paper, and review the grading rubric for the paper, aswell. This information can be found below, within the Unit VII Research Paper instructions.2. Pick a country for your essay assignment which will also be the same country used for the Unit VII paper (thecountry must be from a periphery nation or semi-periphery nation). Note: The Unit II reading explains theconcept of periphery and semi-periphery which will help you in choosing your country.3. Begin brainstorming and researching about the issues and solutions you want to cover in this essay assignment and subsequently in your research paper. You can choose one of the topics listed in the link below, or you may pick your own topic:Unit V Essay Assignment Instructions: Submit a two page essay with draft material you can use in your final paper (remember, the final research paper is due in Unit VII). This two page essay is meant to get you started in your researching and writing for the final paper.Developing Nation Problem Solution Essay Assignment Instructions & Requirements Check ListThe two page essay must use the following headings:ÿIntroduction of Problem, Solution, and Conclusion.It is required that each section include the following:1. Introduction of Problem: Briefly introduce the country you are presenting and themajor social issue (economic, political, environmental, political, war, poverty, etc.)Include a description of the nation?s background, geography, demographics, andother important details about the nation that are important for your presentation ofthe problem. Present details about the social issue being faced in the nation. Youcan present more than one issue. This section should contain research you foundon the issue and your own analysis. Make sure to include who the problem impactsand seriousness of the issue. You want to convey to the reader why it is a problem.Present your thesis or main argument in the introduction.2. Solution: Present at least one solution to the issue. This section should containresearch you found on the solution(s) and your own analysis. Discuss things likewhy it is the best solution, who is involved in implementing the solution, andpotential positive and negative impact of implementing the proposed solution(s). *Inthe final draft in Unit VII you will provide a more in-depth explanation and analysisof the solutions and include at least one sustainable solution to the problem.3. Conclusion: Include: (1) Summary of what was discussed and any final thoughts.You can talk about how it impacts the future, need for future research, or call toaction.It is required that you apply the term globalization in your essay in some capacity.Discuss how globalization or inter-connectedness relates to the issue or solution.This discussion could involve concepts discussed in the textbook like the impact ofcolonialization, imperialism, technology, environment, immigration/migration,Westernization, terrorism, geopolitics, trade, military, etc.Your paper should be written in APA style with a minimum of 2 pages (not including the titleand reference pages).Source Requirement: Your essay must contain research you have gathered from aminimum of two sources (not including the textbook). Sources can be fromreputable news or magazine sources, organizational or governmental websites, orpeer reviewed journal sources.

For Perfecto only G5


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