Foundations of Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice

Foundations of Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice. What have you learned as key points regarding leadership and management?ÿ How will you integrate these into your own development as a leader?ÿ What are concrete skills and areas of development you hope to pursue?ÿ Please address these points, including references to the assigned reading and materials for the module.Required Text(s):(Please also refer to the Peirce College bookstore listing to ensure you are purchasing the correct texts.)Kouzes, J., & Posner, B.ÿ (2012).ÿÿThe Leadership Challengeÿ(5thÿed.).ÿ New York:ÿ John Wiley & Sons.ÿ ISBN 9780470651728.Bolman, L., & Deal, T. (2008).ÿÿReframing Organizations:ÿ Artistry, Choice, and Leadershipÿ(4thÿed.).ÿ New York:ÿ John Wiley & Sons.ÿ ISBN 9780787987992.Johnson, S.ÿ (1998).ÿÿWho Moved My Cheese.ÿÿNew York:ÿ G. P. Putman & Sons.ÿ ISBN 9780399144462.Goleman, D. (2000).ÿÿWorking With Emotional Intelligence.ÿÿNew York:ÿ Random House.ÿ ISBN 9780553378580.1 page needed

Foundations of Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice


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