Health Polices

Health Polices. Assignment #4: ÿRoots of Organizational PolicyThe Comprehensive Final Project (Assignment #4) has been designed for the student to identify federal and state policy roots in a specific health services organization. Each student will select a specific management area for a specific organization.ÿThe student will identify a health services setting where they have access to the policy manual (or a sample policy manual).ÿThe setting may include a single location or an organization with many types of services and many service delivery settings. Select one of the following health management areas where you will map out and describeÿfour (4)ÿorganizational policies (four separate policies, or MAJORÿparts of a comprehensive policy – for example, HR Policy covering all aspects of HR in the organization) linked to federal or state legislative mandates:Health Information Technology and EMR1)ÿWhat is HIT and EMRa)ÿWhy was HIT and EMR created?b)ÿWho is affected by the law?c)ÿWho is responsible for implementing the policy?2)ÿName the federal legislative roots for each policy by name and statute and any industry bestÿpracticesa)ÿGive an example of the legislative policy can be usedb)ÿDiscuss if the law outlines how an organizational implements the policy3)ÿDiscuss any pending changes to the federal legislationa)ÿAlso discuss if the any states have taken theÿinitiativeÿto implement any additional laws4)ÿDiscuss Stratis Health performance metrics or your suggested performance metricsa)ÿWho will monitor the success of the policy?b)ÿHow the success be determined?5)ÿDescribe your assessment of the policy and associated performance metric?s (if they have one) adequacy in addressing the legislationa)ÿGive an example of performance metricPrepare a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 20 content slides (students may utilize the Notes feature to provide additional context, if needed). A cover and reference slide must be provided (these do not count towards the maximum slides).ÿDraw on what you have learned throughout the class to provide:ÿa summary of each organizational policy, the federal/state legislative roots for each policy (by name and statute) and any industry best practices, any pending changes to the federal/state legislation, the organization?s or your suggested performance metrics – how will monitor success of the policy, and your assessment of the policy and associated performance metric?s (if they have one) adequacy in addressing the legislation. A preliminary outline using word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) must be posted by Sunday of Week Seven in a dedicated conference in LEO for both instructor and peer review.NOTE:ÿtheÿfour policies you choose should address, either directly or indirectly,ÿfour federal or state legislations, or four aspects/provisions of one overall federal or state legislationA good approach to the final project would be to allocate 5 slides to each of the 4 policies, each slide addressing one of the 5 bolded topics above for each policy.ÿFor example, title slide, then 5 slides on policy one (one slide for each of the bolded topics above), 5 slides on policy two…… and then a resources slide.

Health Polices


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