Help needed

Help needed. Completeÿthe followingÿCJi Interactiveÿactivities:Chapter 1: The Criminal Justice System > Learning Modules > Due Process vs. Crime ControlChapter 1: The Criminal Justice System > Myths & Issues Videos > Issue 2: Crime Control v. Due ProcessChapter 4: Criminal Law > Learning Modules > Sources of Law and Types of LawChapter 8: The Courts: History, Structure, and Key Players > Learning Modules > History and Organization of the CourtsChapter 8: The Courts: History, Structure, and Key Players > Myths & Issues Videos > Issue 1: Assembly Line Justice: The Affect of the Backlog of Cases on the CourtsWriteÿa 250 word reflection/summary about the learning modules.This summary is not required to be in APA format – however, it should be in your own words (no quotes).

Help needed


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