Help to improve my paper

Help to improve my paper. my paper needs to improve.please read all the comments and revise it.Please use proper citation form, the BlueBook form for legal citation.ÿ It is inadequate to “block” cite — every idea that is attributed to another author, must have a reference (sometimes, this can be every sentence).ÿ Please look at law review articles to get a sense of how citation is handled in US law articles.ÿ A law librarian, or your legal writing instructor can help.Please cite to the original source, not to a secondary source. For example, you reference the “equality act 2010 (Lawson, 2016).” You cannot write a paper by summarizing another author’s work, but have to go to the Equality Act of 2010, research the relevant sections, and cite directly from that statute.Another example — you state” [a]ccording to equality act 2010, it is unlawful to discriminate against any one indirectly.”ÿ What section of the Equality Act says this?ÿ You should research the original document (the Equality Act), and then reference the exact section of the Equality Act that discusses the concept you are writing about, no to the author (Lawson) who had written about the Equality Act of 2010.I am not sure where you are getting the law from — a case or legal decision?ÿ A statute?ÿ For example (and there are MANY such examples), you list some factors here: ” … objective justification include the following.ªÿÿÿ The aim of discriminating the student should be legitimate.ªÿÿÿ The education provider is responsible to prove that the discriminate treatment was justified objectively.ªÿÿÿ The availability of other options other than the discriminatory effect on the student. The presence of other alternative renders the discrimination unjustified.”Are these factors from the statute?ÿ Or, does this come from a Court decision?ÿ Again, I need the original source in your paper — not a summary from another author’s book.ÿFinally, please make sure that your final paper does not contain spelling and grammar errors:For example, you say “…although in cost cases it might not be intentional …”ÿ I think you mean “most” instead of “cost”? Another example, please pay close attention to what needs to be capitalized — “equality act” should be capitalized and referenced as “Equality Act ..”ÿ There are many citation and grammar errors such as this.

Help to improve my paper


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