HISTORY FINAL 50 questions

HISTORY FINAL 50 questions. DUE IN A FEW HOURS!!! it is for US HISTORYÿwill give in log in info to blackboard after agreement and half of can use the study guide and online sources to answer the questions.ÿlet me know if you have any further questionsÿhere is a word bank for questions #27-47Directions: Select the best word/phrase choice to complete the sentence. (Worth 2 points each.) Term/Phrase Bank Commodore John C. Stennis Frederick Douglass Immigrants Preamble Sales Slave markets Divorced Employed Honolulu, Hawaii Mexican War George Armstrong Custer Land reform Abraham Lincoln Asia Abolitionists Astors Ulysses S. Grant Slaveowners Fort McHenry Indian Removal Act of 1830 War of 1812 Grimk‚s Bill of Rights Commodore Matthew Perry Sojourner Truth Harriet Beecher Stowe Auctions Robert E. Lee James Polk Abby Kelley Slave exchanges Rockefellers Benedict Arnold Citizens Civil War Articles of Confederation Nineteenth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment Education Niagara Movement Reconstruction Act Healthcare Stephen Douglas Washington, D.C. Fort Sumter Term/Phrase Bank (cont.) Rutherford B. Hayes Fifteenth Amendment Civil Rights Act of 1875 Europe Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia James Garfield Martin Van Buren Jefferson Davis Black Codes Friendship Laws Seneca Falls Convention

HISTORY FINAL 50 questions


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