history Review

history Review. All papers must be 2 typed pages, double spaced, with 12pt font.Please put your name, course name, and date at the top of the paper.Each paper should include the following:The author?s purpose in writing the articleThe author?s main thesisThe author?s challenging of other historical viewpointsThe evidence utilized by the author (specifically primary sources)Personal likes/dislikesHow the author could make the work stronger?The recommend audience of the article?Explain how this article contributes to understanding the history of the United StatesAn example of how this article supports/contradicts Eric Foner’sÿGive Me LibertySuggested reading to accompany this work (not required, but helpful)ÿThe Format should be as follows:Introduction paragraphThe first paragraph introduces the author and the article you will reviewA sentence should give an initial impression of the workExpress the purpose and thesis in the introduction paragraphBody paragraphsOne paragraph should summarize the articleSeveral paragraphs should address the items listed above.Conclusion paragraphThe final paragraph should express the importance of this work (or the lack)Suggested readings to accompany this work and other final thoughts

history Review


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