Hospitality Industry Career Opportunities

Hospitality Industry Career Opportunities. Assignment InstructionsInstructions:written assignment will be an essay, written in APA format. Your essay should be no more than 3 pages of written content, along with a properly formatted title page and reference page (5 pages total at most). An abstract should not be included. The content for your essay is described below.There are many places one could work in the hospitality industry.ÿ Some of the segments that provide employment opportunities to hospitality graduates include lodging, food service, tourism, meeting and event planning, and the cruise line industry.ÿ Briefly describe each segment of the industry.ÿ Include industry resources to define the size or employment reach of the industry.ÿ Identify at least one example of a career that a hospitality management graduate could pursue in each one of the above five segments, preferably a role you would characterize as an ideal role for you. Each segment should be at least one structured paragraph in your paper, possibly using one paragraph to describe or define the industry segment and using another paragraph to focus on employment in that segment. Use transitions.If you have any questions on content or format expectations, please send me a classroom message or post a question in the Q&A forum.Assignment labeling: Assignment files will be labeled with the following format:Student Name_Assignment Name_Course Identifier Example:FirstnameLastname_AssignmentOne_HOSP100 or Lastname_AssignmentOne_HOSP100

Hospitality Industry Career Opportunities


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