How much to do the assignment below

How much to do the assignment below. Research the industry of your profession.ÿ Try to find any professional organizations, professional journals, social networking about the profession, and local sources.ÿ Utilize Career Services to help you gather your research.ÿ In a reflection, report on your research and all the networking opportunities available in the industry of your profession.ÿ What can you access now as a student?ÿ What will you be able to access as a working member of that industry?ÿ You will need to provide proof of networking, to include: your involvement in a professional group, student membership, participation in an online environment, and a list of professional contacts.Your final Networking Concept Map and Reflection package should include: a networking concept map, proof of activity in a professional group, proof of online activity, proof of communication with Career Services, and your written reflection.ÿ Note: Your proof of activity/participation/communication could come in many forms, but it should be submitted in an organized fashion.ÿ As much as possible, paste screenshots, pictures of physical paraphernalia, e-mail messages, etc. into a Word Document.ÿ If you decide not to create your networking concept map in a Microsoft Word document, then you can include your proof of activity/participation/communication as Appendices to your written reflection.ÿ Include the names and contact information for all the people, organizations, and businesses you contact.ÿThe following elements should be in your Networking Concept Map and written Reflection:ÿÿNetworking Concept MapÿProfessional group (Rotary, chamber of commerce, SBTDC, etc.) ÿNotes or the name of a contact from attending a meeting in person. ÿCan attend a meeting on campus. ÿOnline activity: e-merge, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business BureauÿLinkedIn account with professional picturesIndustry-specific (Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, websites)Career Services: Proof of communication with Career Services, name of Career Services memberÿLog into your HQConnect account–How can this tool help you to network?Summary of what Career Services doesInformation on how Career Services can help you with networkingReflection: ÿWhat is the value for networking? ÿWhy is it valuable to me to join a network?Use theÿNetworking Concept Map and Reflection Rubricto guide your work. ÿ(SLO 4 & EOs 4a-4f)Some easy free tools you may wish to consider using (these are links to tutorials I have created for faculty to learn how to use, but they will work for you as well):Bubble.usÿ(part I) ÿ ÿÿBubble.usÿÿ(part II)MindMeister

How much to do the assignment below


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