HR scenerio project

HR scenerio project. You are the Chief Officer of Human Resources for Apple.You will be submitting the plan to the management committee for review.Your goal is to obtain their support for moving forward with your proposal.ScenerioÿApple has identified weakness in quality of its assistant managers in the United States. Develop a plan to improve the hiring process for assistant managers in its U.S. retail stores. Your plan will be rolled out to each location in th U.S.ÿAs a part of overall, include the following elements:1. The business goal of Apple.2. Prepare a Job posting, with the requirements that must be submitted with an application.3. Prepare 3 tools that each store can use to identify to best candidates. ?nclude the following:a.Outline of interview questions for a 20 minute interview.b. a tool to assess a candidates customer service and sales skills.c a tool to assess a candidate’s management skills.4. Develop a scorecard for evaluating candidates.5. A hiring guideline for managers to follow so they can implement the plan successfully.PROJECT SHOULD BE BETWEEN 10-13 PAGES. GRAPH?CS CAN BE USED.

HR scenerio project


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