HRA549 module 6 exam 3 2017 (Perfect Answer)

HRA549 module 6 exam 3 2017 (Perfect Answer). QuestionQuestion 1 (1 point) Question 1 UnsavedCognitive ability tests are excellent predictors for executive and professional level jobs; they are of no value for entry level, clerical, or blue collar jobs.Question 1 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 2 (1 point) Question 2 UnsavedWhen the federal government needed to hire airport security screeners, applicants started the process of getting a job with a structured interview and physical ability test.Question 2 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 3 (1 point) Question 3 UnsavedThe greater the correlation of any predictor with other predictors of an outcome, the more useful the predictor will be.Question 3 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 4 (1 point) Question 4 UnsavedIt is unlawful for a selection procedure to screen out individuals with disabilities, unless the procedure is job-related and consistent with business necessity.Question 4 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 5 (1 point) Question 5 UnsavedIn assessing cutoff scores, a “false negative” is an applicant who is assessed as not likely to succeed but who would have been successful if hired.Question 5 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 6 (2 points) Question 6 UnsavedIf a cutoff score is set based on the qualifications deemed necessary to perform a job, it is most likely the __________ method of determining cut scores.Question 6 options:bandingcriterion-relatedminimum competencytop-downSaveQuestion 7 (2 points) Question 7 UnsavedIn comparing internal selection with external selection, an advantage of internal selection is that __________.Question 7 options:there is less need to use multiple predictors in assessing internal candidates than with external candidatesinternal selection requires few procedures to locate and screen viable job candidatesinformation about internal candidates tends to be more verifiable than information about external candidatesinternal selection presents fewer dangers of incurring legal liability than external selectionSaveQuestion 8 (2 points) Question 8 UnsavedThe correlation between structured interviews and cognitive ability tests is __________.Question 8 options:moderately positivezerohighly positivemoderately negativeSaveQuestion 9 (2 points) Question 9 UnsavedWhich of the following methods is the most valid predictor of performance?Question 9 options:Handwriting analysisBiodata formsPersonality testsUnstructured interviewsSaveQuestion 10 (7 points) Question 10 UnsavedBriefly discuss when and how a personality test might be useful in the selection process. Give an example of 2 jobs where personality tests might be used, and explain why they would be used.Question 10 options:

HRA549 module 6 exam 3 2017 (Perfect Answer)


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