Hum 111 Week 6 Discussion

Hum 111 Week 6 Discussion. “Angkor and Benin”ÿPlease respond to the following,ÿusing sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:Compare Angkor (and its temple, Angkor Wat) in southeast Asia (ca. 1100s-1200s AD) with the city of Benin in West Africa (ca 1400s AD), and discuss differences, similarities, and religious ideals in each place. Identify a modern day religious or political center that these call to mind.ExploreAngkor and Beninÿ?Southeast Asia and West AfricaChapter 11 (pp. 375-6), Angkor Wat (in Cambodia), history and connections to Hindu beliefs; (pp. 386-7), Benin (in Nigeria, West Africa); Review “Week 6 Music” folderVideo on Angkor Wat atÿ City’s history: See andÿ; (This city is in Nigeria; don’t confuse it with the modern country called Benin not far away)

Hum 111 Week 6 Discussion


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