Hum 112 Week 3 Discussion

Hum 112 Week 3 Discussion. Classical Music; Early Abolitionist Art and Literature”ÿPlease respond toÿthe following,ÿusing sources under the Explore headingÿas the basis of your response. Students also need to make a substantial response (five sentences) to at least one classmate:Explain whether you think an autobiographical or fictional account by a slave (such as Phillis Wheatley and Olaudah Equiano) is more effective at pointing out the injustice of the institution of slavery than a biographical or fictional account by a white author (such as John Gabriel Stedman or Aphra Behn). Explain whether you believe the representations of slavery in the visual arts (such as William Blake?s illustrations, William Hackwood?s cameo, or John Singleton Copley?s painting) were more compelling and convincing of the injustices of slavery than the literary representations already mentioned. In your explanations, use specific examples and consider both audience and the content and nature of the work. Identify the literary or art form in modern times that you think is most effective at depicting injustice.Explore:Early Abolitionist Art & LiteratureChapter 26 (pp. 870-2): Equiano, Stedman, Wheatley, Behn; Chapter 26 (pp. 877-879): Equiano and BehnWheatley atÿ 26 (pp. 870-873): Blake, Hackwood, Copley

Hum 112 Week 3 Discussion


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