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hum paper. CHOOSEÿONLY ONEÿOF THE FOLLOWINGÿTWOÿOPTIONS:Please submit this assignment directly on your journal entry instead of writing it on a Word document then uploading it.OPTION 1: MEET A MUSLIMThere are many Muslims (native or foreign born) who attend this campus.ÿYou can locate them in many places such as:ÿAround Jack Brown Hall (studying business/computer science), or around the College of Education (getting an M.A. in a subfield of education) or around the College of Natural Science studying a field in Public Health/Nursing, or close to theÿYasudaÿCenter Building (this last group is usually made up of foreign students who attend our campus to learn English before they get admitted to pursue a degree).ÿYour other option is to meet Muslims off campus who live in the Inland Empire.(Attention, if you are a Muslim student in this class, then, do the same assignment but choose a person from another faith tradition or interview someone who is not affiliated with any particular faith).As you meet the person you are interviewing, answer the following questions:1-What is his/her background (name, age, profession, origins)? Is he/she a recent immigrant, the son/daughter of an immigrant, are his/her parents natives to the U.S., or is he/she a convert to Islam? (200) words – 3 points)2-How does he/she go about practicing his/her religion in the U.S.? Is it easy? challenging? unique in any particular way?ÿÿ(200 words – 3 points)3-What are his/her aspirations? In your opinion, are they any different from those who are Americans of different faiths or those who don’t affiliate themselves with any particular faith?ÿÿ(200 words – 3 points)4-What are his/her greatest fears? Does he/she worry about theÿpoliticalÿclimate in the U.S.?ÿÿ(200 words – 3 points)5-Has that person faced any religious or ethnic based discrimination or bullying? If so, how did he/she deal with them?ÿÿ(200 words – 3 points)OPTION 2: FIND A JOB IN A MUSLIM COUNTRYYour very dear friend just got a job at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, one of the Emirates (or States) in the United Arab Emirates. He wants you to come visit him and potentially seek a job in the region because there are many job opportunities.ÿYou are unsure about the idea but since the break at Cal State is approaching and since you will have some time off, you decided to go visit for two weeks. Prior to visiting, you did some research and found some short clips like:ÿ a short (approximately 1,000 words) research AND reflection paper answering the following:ÿRESEARCH (7 points)1-Identifyÿthreeÿjob opportunities in that region (such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, etc.) RELATED to your major (describe each one with salaries, benefits, and responsibilities) – Put the link of the job. The job must be current listing or within the past 12 months) (250 words – 3 points)2-Identifyÿthreeÿtouristic sites you would like to visitÿand whyÿyou chose them ahead of other sites (Put links, 250 words – 4 points)ÿÿREFLECTION (8 points)1-Write three considerations that make you want to accept a job there (250 words – 4 points)ÿ2-Write three considerations that make you want to turn down a job there (250 words – 4 points)In the reflection portion, you can use any ideas discussed in the class related to cultural and religious factors that could make you accept or reject the new job opportunity.(Attention, if you are a student in class from a foreign country (not the U.S.) then, choose three jobs in the U.S. you would consider taking. Also, choose three touristic sites in the U.S. you would like to visit and state why you want to visit them. Finally, write three considerations why you would want to accept the jobs and why you wouldn’t).ÿGood luck

hum paper


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