Human Resources Assignment- Due tomorrow

Human Resources Assignment- Due tomorrow. Human Resources Assignment- Due tomorrowÿHuman Resources Discussion (6 sentences per question). Outside sources are not required !!! Max 3 references ÿQuestion 1- The Americans with Disabilities Act, though benefitting many justifiably,ÿhas not be withoutÿits controversiesÿand detractors either. Though it is not intended to provide an occupational/access preference, some perceive it as providing one, such as the case of allowing PGA tour player Casey Martin to use a golf cart, which may come with increased costs for businesses. What are your thoughts on the ADA? Is the current definition of disabled appropriate? Too flexible? Too restrictive? What about the recent amendments that now require that we don’t consider mitigating measures in the determination of disability? As mentioned in the audio, I have seen instances where doctor’s have stretched their diagnosis to provide greater benefits to some than likely needed. Discuss the issues presented in a more substantive manner than what you have done in previous posts this semester.Question 2- reasonable accommodation is different than with religion in Title VII. From a cost perspective, it places a higher burden on employers than Title VII does. Should it be this way? Is it fair that the standard is not fixed and can vary by company size and resources? Discuss substantively.Question 3- (2 parts)Two issues to consider here:How much privacy should you have in the workplace? Discuss the limitations you feel are reasonable.What about your privacy as it ties to employment decisions for behaviors off the job (Ex. Pepsi executive fired for being seen drinking a coke in a restaurant on the weekend), especially in light of the audio discussion. What limits should there be in this area?

Human Resources Assignment- Due tomorrow


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