“In Praise of Chain Stores” Discussion Board

“In Praise of Chain Stores” Discussion Board. the link of In Praise of Chain Stores, stores/305400/ stores/305400/the link of in the ruins, ( you need this link on number 3 ) respond to the following items:1. Postrel establishes the importance of her argument by first defending chain stores against the attacks often leveled against them. ÿLook back through the article and locate Postrel’s positive claims that praise chain stores. ÿWhy are chain stores more than just “not dangerous” to a community? ÿWhat makes them good in Postrel’s eyes?2. What values does Postrel appeal to in this article? ÿWhat does she believe that her audience finds most important in the stores that they want to go to? ÿWhat does she suggest are the important things in building a life?3. ÿThink back to “In the Ruins,” your other article for the week. ÿWhat creates the character of New Orleans for Lemann? ÿCompare his description of what constitutes the character of the place to Postrel’s discussion of place in “In Praise of Chain Stores.” ÿTo what degree do they agree on what makes a place unique? ÿIn what ways do their opinions and observations differ?

“In Praise of Chain Stores” Discussion Board


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