Information Gathering Techniques

Information Gathering Techniques. Considerÿthe following fictitious scenario:A large chain restaurant hires your team as consultants.ÿ The restaurant executives are launching a new marketing campaign that guarantees customers receive their food within 20 minutes or they receive a free dessert. ÿThey believe they can use their IT software systems to assist with this marketing campaign, but need guidance.ÿ They have hired your team to gather information from the restaurant employees and managers to see where improvements can be made.Prepareÿa survey/questionnaire (6-8 questions) that your team will give to all restaurant employees and managers about process improvements.ÿPrepareÿa list of interview questions (6-8 questions) your team will ask senior restaurant employees about process improvements.Thenÿwriteÿa 1- to 2-page executive summary that analyzes and explains the survey/questionnaire and the interview questions you have created.ÿDetermineÿhow these information-gathering tools will find answers the executives are seeking.Formatÿyour summary according to APA guidelines.

Information Gathering Techniques


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