Interpersonal Communication Script

Interpersonal Communication Script. NO PLAGRISMEffective interpersonal communication skills can support the building, development, and maintenance of therapeutic relationships. Listening, demonstrating positive regard, building rapport, displaying empathy, and minimizing distractions are all techniques that can build and create a caring, safe, and supportive therapeutic environment. ÿReadÿthe following scenario:A client comes to your office without an appointment. The client, a 40-year-old female, has been working to gain custody of her two, school-aged children. She is visibly upset, crying and yelling on her phone. She enters your office, indicating the court hearing for her children has been rescheduled due to her missing an important home visit. She has asked you contact the courts to advocate on her behalf. Although this is outside the realm of your role, you would like to show the client you are interested in supporting her concerns.This assignment has two parts:Part 1: ScriptWrite a 700- to 1,050-word response to your client that demonstrates positive regard, empathy, and listening skills.Use what you have learned to identify how to gain her full attention, show interest, and minimize distractions.Include in your paper a script of how you would respond to the scenario. The script is NOT the entire paper, include other information about interviewing using research. Cite and reference all research in correct APA format.Focus your discussion on how you will show your client the following concepts:Positive regardConsider the value of positive regard and empathy in building rapportBuilding rapport and displaying empathyListening for comprehension and gaining informationGaining attention and showing interestMinimizing distractions and barriersImportance of note taking

Interpersonal Communication Script


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